Appreciation post! Featuring:

Ducera, for being supportive of me whenever I felt betrayed.

Bree Jetpaw, for being my biggest inspiration and best friend I could ever ask for.

John, for always keeping my head up without even trying.

Mevpone, for keeping me company throughout everything.

Turner, for pushing me out of my shell.

Sketchy, for being a great listener and for always being understanding.

I’ll be doing more of these for my lovely followers and friends in the near future. I want to thank you all for helping me be more artistically active and for all the positive criticism. I can’t believe there are 46 of you guys, and I really can’t thank you all enough. Here’s to the future!

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    (( ahh! thank you!! this looks so awesome!! thank you thank you and congrats to 46! here’s to the next 100~! ))
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    Awwh this is so great! :3 Loves you
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